Women Fashionable Jewellery

Women Fashionable  Jewellery

Women Fashionable Jewellery

Feriha- One stop destination for Fashionable jewellery

Feriha is the best online store for women in Patna that provides latest and fashionable jewellery at affordable fixed prices. You can purchase it from our nearby stores or else order online from our e-commerce site. As trusted and reputed online jewellery store, we display the jewellery products on our website so that our customers can browse them, pick and purchase as per their needs and requirement. We have wide categories of jewellery products in Patna.

  • Necklaces: - Fashionable and trendy necklace design in gold, silver or platinum as per the requirements of clients.
  • Earrings: - Long or short earrings with latest designs that will add beauty statement to your style.
  • Finger rings -Rings for fingers of ladies for all events engagement, party wear earrings or regular work earrings.

What makes Feriha different from other jewellery shops in Patna?

Multiple stores are available for jewellery in Patna. However, when it comes to quality jewellery products, they do not even stand beside Feriha. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and transparent and fair business policy. Buying jewellery from Feriha has following advantages

  • Certified and licensed jewellery: - Whether it is gold plated, silver plated, or platinum plated ornaments, we maintain the highest quality standard and provide ISO certified and licensed jewellery products at affordable fixed rates.
  • Easiest mode of payment: - You can get your products at your doorsteps by purchasing it online and choose cash on delivery option. You can make the payments online if you are not sure about the availability of the product in future.
  • Fair price: - The cost of each jewellery products varies from one to another and depends on the gems or stone in which the jewellery product is made. The rate is decided as per in accordance with the rate of the current gold rate in the market.

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